There’s some pretty crazy things I’ve done for the sake of blogging. I think walking down an active city street for “authentic” New York photos has to be one of them. Red light. Go! Go! Go! Green light . Quick get out of the road before you a become very large piece of  gingham and denim road kill!! Yes, pose with that taxi while the driver of said taxi says creepy things to you. This is the big city and I was playing a weird form of sexy frogger. Personally , I think I set an all new high score.  In my opinion, nothing in more important to city living, than a really amazing pair of jeans. These light wash jeans from Good American are still one of favorites. This is 100% because they make my butt look magical.  If you’re late to my fall party, you might have missed the memo that I’m really into big sleeves or, as my boss called them today, “mutton leg arms.” While I at first thought my boss was weirdly trying to be cool, google tells me this is actually what big ass sleeves are called. It’s a thing. I prefer the french term, gigot. It sounds exotic as opposed to meaty. That said, I am really leaving lots of amazing jokes on the table that my inner 14 year old could make about being an expensive piece of meat. That’s probably ok, because feminism. I got my mutton leg shirt from Fashion to Figure. Gingham has the potential to come off  a bit too country for my taste, but these sexy balloon like sleeves elevate this piece to cocktails and class versus the usual tractors and grass.  To complete the look I added a vintage scarf from Hugo Boss in an autumn floral print and my favorite pair of city walking flats from Target.


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