A Spooktacular Kick Off to Birthday Week 2017!

October is my birthday month and as much as I seem like the type of person who has fantastical 30 day long celebrations, most of my birthdays have been quite dull. The last time I had a true birthday party was when I turned 16 and was living in Finland a few friends surprised me with a little get together. In fact, come to think of it, for the last 3 years I have been working on my birthday. The first year I was in Cincinnati on a sales call; our dear rep gave me a red whiffle ball and bat, mardi gras beads and hug as a birthday thank you gift. Not my exact cup of tea, but a super sweet gesture. The second year I was on a 24 hour flight to India in coach, and though I arrived  a sweaty smelly mess technically 2 days later, my coworkers and I celebrated my belated birthday with cake and hugs. Last year, I was just plodding along doing work and life as one does- nothing all too special. It’s been a good while since I’ve actually done something exciting on the lovely day that I am came to be.
In my life I do a lot to celebrate other people. A LOT. I’m a giver and as a result, I tend to not plan things for myself. This year, I am trying to change that. Instead of waiting for something spectacular  to just magically happen on my birthday- spoiler alert it never does- I am taking the bull by the horns. And, instead of just celebrating on the day I came out of my mother’s woohoo, I am going to be filling the month with things that make me happy. Not a birthday month, per se, more of a “my preferences come first” month. I’m going to spend October really focused on what’s best for my happiness, what makes me smile, and frankly doing all the stuff that makes my life more fun.To kick off Glitter’s Fall Fest, I spent today exploring my neighborhood with a dear friend with our pups. We went to the dog park, had some wine, and stumbled upon the most adorable farmers market/ pumpkin patch/ Instagram perfect background. It was kismet because I just happen to be  wearing the more adorably spooktacular outfit from Modcloth.  I love how the grey sweatshirt is printed with a skull- but like cool hip skull that listens to indie music. Scary skulls aren’t my thing. I paired it with a black skirt with attached suspenders, black comfy leggings, and the fanciest for feline inspired footwear. It was the perfect way to start to what I am pretty certain is going to be an all together awesome month.

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