This look was inspired by my teenage self and the fact that festival season is upon us. Teenage me was the type of girl who would boldly walk backstage at gigs, like she worked for the band, and find herself chilling like a villain in the green room. Ok. That only really happened a handful of times, and each time I was scared out of my wits and just lurked awkwardly in the corner until someone acknowledged me. But I did play pool with a couple of nice (and pretty famous) bands who reached out to the young weirdo in the corner.¬† Teenage me would have totally rocked this metallic rocker chic gone sexpot number had such options existed back in the day. It’s literally¬† the perfect look for SXSW- the festival that has currently turned my quiet hometown of Austin into a hot mess that’s musically blessed. Want to rock this grown up groupie, look? The top is simple band style t-shirt that knotted into a crop top. I purchased mine at Forever 21, but any band tee will do.¬† The metallic cotton candy wonder skirt is from ASOS, and has instantly become a new favorite. It’s light and basically a neutral, if you’re a unicorn bad ass such as myself. The gypsy inspired sandals are from JustFab’s new sandal line and are surprisingly comfortable. I topped it off with my fav light weight funky chunky tassel earrings, a bejeweled leather cuff (I like this alternative) and “don’t mess with me, I’ll key your car and steal your beer” hot pink matte lipstick (that I bought from the dollar store and love, don’t judge).


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