Pear Shaped Ladies Rejoice: Eloquii’s Viola Fit Has Got You Girl

Pear Shaped Ladies Rejoice: Eloquii’s Viola Fit Has Got You Girl

eloquiis-viola-fit-for-the-plus-size-woman-with-fuller-hips-8If you told me that in my early 30s and wearing a confusing and non-standard sizing of any where from 18-22 on top to 20-26 on bottom that I would be a model, I would have laughed at you right in the face. But here I am. A super pear model for Eloquii’s Viola Fit. The viola fit is built for women with hips 1-2 sizes larger than their waist. Basically clothing designed for us big booty cuties- destroying pant gaps and social norms at the same time.
eloquiis-viola-fit-for-the-plus-size-woman-with-fuller-hips-6Our stylist, Tiffani Moore was absolutely lovely and made sure we were in things we felt comfortable in and loved. Which is evidenced by my now personal romantic relationship with this white dress. Also, it should be noted that Tiffani has some sweet sweet jams. This girl has a knack for fancy model dress up playtime mix tapes. Wait it’s 2016- playlists.
eloquiis-viola-fit-for-the-plus-size-woman-with-fuller-hips-5I never thought I would be a crazy cat lady (I’m more of a dog woman), but this look nearly converted me. I love the clash of cream and white in one happy combination that just makes me swoon. Also bows, bows all types of bows…..
eloquiis-viola-fit-for-the-plus-size-woman-with-fuller-hips-10While wearing this pink dress I kept announcing myself as the plus size Elle Woods and trying to steal one of the office dogs to pose with. As cute as I was, I suppose a large women lumbering at you with greedy eyes is not the way to get a small dog to nuzzle you affectionately in front of a camera. I should have brought chicken. They would have loved me for chicken.
eloquiis-viola-fit-for-the-plus-size-woman-with-fuller-hips-4Overall I had some much fun at the shoot and I am so proud to be part of something that is so needed in the plus size fashion world. I’ve often sat an wondered if I would ever find a brand that cuts clothing for my body type or whether I would be forced forever to make it work with a wardrobe made of separates, belts and other camouflaging techniques. I feel like I finally have a brand that understands me and the millions of other pear shaped plus sized girls’ struggle. And their doing something about it in a major way. Blouses? Bodycons? Pants? When has a brand offered more than a few pair of pants in a pear cut? Never before today. Super pears of the world rejoice.

Facing Fears for FashX Magazine

So I did two things today I’ve never done before.

  1. I took photos is my underwear
  2. Was part of a fashion magazine photo shoot

It’s kind of a big day. Usually I steer clear of taking photos is my lingerie. This is mostly because I really don’t have an opinion on it. I am not sure how exactly it furthers my cause in the the self acceptance movement to show myself in underwear or nearly naked, but at the same time I understand why it is important to other people’s message. Needless to say getting photographed in my next to naked state is something kind of important to me. It’s not something I did lightly. However, when FashX Magazine asked me to be part of their “Love thy self” article, it seemed like the right time to step out of my comfort zone.


The shoot was a bit intimidating. I didn’t know how exactly I was going to feel half nakie in front of a gaggle of people. I thought about this as this spitfire red head  from Lash and Lip Make Up did the most amazing make up on me ever. I thought about it even more when I heard the thinnish girl to my left talk about about how people judged her body. How she’s been told to gain weight and lose weight to fit in the modeling world. Body issues aren’t just a fat person’s problem.


The photographer Theresa Lollis totally put me at ease. Actually I kind of wanted Theresa to move to Austin and form a bad ass girl crew with me complete with matching jackets and a sweet handshake. She was- as Anne of Green Gables would say- a kindred spirit, a busom buddy. I was surprised how natural and at ease I felt in front of the camera. I kind of wished I got to do this everyday- look pretty and make art. I guess I kind of do, just in a low low budget way.


In the end I feel like I realized just how comfortable I am with myself. Something that seemed scary or out of my comfort zone, wasn’t really. I just needed that little push to try. When I did I realize the only thing I really feared was doing something new and failing. I can’t wait until the magazine comes out so I can have a permanent memory of these two big life firsts.