Fur + Fair Isle: A Favorite Sweater Dress Pairing

Fur + Fair Isle: A Favorite Sweater Dress Pairing


Somedays you just want drown your face in a pile of stuffed animals. On those days I wear faux fur.  Then at any time during the day I can sweep my chin against the wafts of plush surrounding my face and feel at ease. I can also reenact 1980s skiing adds ( like down below) whenever it suits me. Look at me I am just having such a fun time at this sky resort, with all my rich friends, in our ski bunny attire and making important calls on our large cell phones.  Thanks for asking.


As a super pear I usually belt my fur vests. This is because I like to have a defined shape and often when wearing a fur vest my waist can get lost in swaddles of plushy fabric. I like a cinch to define my curves. It’s a thing.

A Round of Applause for Wearable Heels


I just want to give a quick shout out to heels that feel like flats. A once inch block heel changed my life.  I love the way heels make my feel, but for real yo I don’t know how any one survives in 3 inch stunners, let alone some of the crazy stilettos I see. I didn’t train to be in the circus. I have not intention to walk on stilts.  I don’t want to paint my face, wear, spandex and entertain you. Wait nope, I actually do want to do that. Just not on stilts.


A block heel makes me feel supported, and the inch height means even if I’m on my feet all day- like Gloria Gaynor- I Will Survive. Plus this red color perfectly mixes the “no place like home” wishes of Dorothy and the footwear that Elvis Costello reminded us only angels can be envious of.  Can I make any more song references in this post?  Well, woomp there it is (shaka laka shaka laka)


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How to Workout While on Vacation or The Sisterhood of the Traveling Compression Pants

How to Workout While on Vacation or The Sisterhood of the Traveling Compression Pants

plus size work outs while travelingI associate summer vacation trips from my youth with long stretches of driving coupled with limited bathroom breaks. This explains my unusually high number of bladder issues as a child as well as my irrational fear of mini vans. This summer’s travels for me are both for work and for pleasure (wink wink), but who are we kidding here…everything I do has to have my tramp stamp of approval for fun and fabulous! With some jam packed weeks coming up jet setting all over the world, I put together my workout keys to success for traveling.

Be Prepared

I hope the phrase “be prepared” brings to mind Scar singing to the hyenas in “The Lion King,” because that’s what I’m belting out to the people on the street from my balcony as I type away. You’re welcome people on the street. No, I will not do an encore performance. Ok, maybe just one.

Plus size fitness tips how to work out while traveling 2

In Greece, I packed work out clothes that transitioned well to casual attire, that way I could hike to the sites and still be dressed appropriately.


Plain and simple, being prepared means making sure you pack yo shit. This should include workout clothes as well as any additional things you may need to complete your workout (straps, blocks, etc.) If you have a ten day vacation, this does not necessitate ten days of outfits! Choose some key pieces and plan to wash (in a washer and dryer or hand wash in the hotel bathroom) to keep yourself smelling so fresh and so clean clean.

I also absolutely love using the “My Fitness Pal” app on my iPhone. By logging my meals, snacks and exercises it helps me keep my goals in mind as well as adjusting calorie allotments for the day based on my activity level. However be warned, MFP is community sourced and can over exaggerate calories burned exercising, so if you’re excessive like me, use a heart monitor to under how much you’re really burning. Most of the time, It ends up being more than than you think on vacation. Which means- MASSIVE MEAL SPLURGE TIME and um of course being “very careful” the rest of the day.

Plan for a Daily Workout

Obviously, if you don’t plan to workout it’s just not going to happen. If you have a meeting at 8 am, plan to get up at 6 am to get in an early morning workout. If mornings just don’t work for you, maybe evenings before you set out for a night on the town will work best. Regardless, create a plan and STICK TO IT.

Plus size fitness tips how to work out while traveling 1

In Belgium I combined fitness with boozy memories and brews by taking a walking tour of the best local pubs.


When you know where you’ll be staying, be sure to check out what the hotel has to offer in regards to accommodations. I’ve stayed in hotels that offer top of the line workout equipment as well as classes to keep you on track, conversely I’ve also stayed in complete dives that offered an early 90’s Nordic Track tucked away in a broom closet.

You can also build exercise into your daily schedule. Hopefully you’ll get your cardio through exploring a new city, swimming in some exotic location, or, in my case, drunkenly dancing on the bar into the wee hours of the morning looking as amazing as I know I do. So take the focus off the cardio if you’re meeting those goals and instead focus on your stretchy stretches and weights.

Glitter’s Real Hotel Workout Extraordinaire

Plus size fitness tips how to work out while traveling 3

In Miami I mixed business time with fitness time by figuring out how to work out in the pool while taking a conference call. Fitness McGyver


As an added bonus, I went ahead and put together my own personal hotel workout that I do when traveling and short on time. I do this in my hotel room as soon as I wake up so that I can start my day off right. I do the following circuit as many times as I can, but with a minimum of two full circuits. I also take a 1-2 minute break between each circuit. I purposely designed this routine so that you have to get up and get down a lot because that’s actually another exercise secret in itself.

  1. 15 jumping jacks (or as I call them, Jumpin’ Jack Flashes)
  2. 5 push-ups (does not matter if they are full push-ups or girly ones on your knees)
  3. 5 triceps pushups ( some people call these dips. Just like a push up but elbows in vs. out)
  4. 15-30 second superman (try to hold out for the longer time!)
  5. 10 round the world squats (5 each leg. Lunge forward, then to the side, then back)
  6. 15 sit ups
  7. 20 cross sit ups (10 each side)
  8. 30-60 second plank
  9. 30 high knees ( 15 each side)
  10. 30-60 second wall squat

Although vacations are a great opportunity to get away from your normal routine and explore and try new things, it’s still important to keep those healthy habits going. So pack some sexy glitter approved workout attire and get up and shake your groove thang before going off and conquering the day. Your hips will thank you later, because they surely do not lie!

6 Tips for Plus Size Yoga Beginners

6 Tips for Plus Size Yoga Beginners

I have a confession to make. Before I started doing yoga because of Kino MacGregor +Beachyogagirl’s  #mayibeginyoga instagram challenge, none of my yoga pants had actually ever gone to yoga. They were perfectly fine doing other things. For example, making late night trips to the drive through at Taco Bell or serving as a comfort blanket while  I binge watched Netflix for days on end. But, definitely not yoga. “Namaste” was more like “na…maste in bed this morning.”  instead of their intended plus size yoga use.  Getting started was a life changer with me,  but it took a lot of learning to start seeing progress. Now that I’m going on two months straight of daily yoga, I’ve put together my best tasty, delicious, bite sized nuggets of advice for any girl who is trying to get her plus size yoga on.

1. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!
Plus siz yoga tips accessoriesFirst and foremost, you want to make sure you have the right equipment to get the job done. Yes, you can do yoga on your living room floor, or even on hardwood floors in the kitchen like I sometimes do! However, using a good yoga mat will help to give you a non-slip surface to work on as well as to absorb some of the shock of poses. Another tip that I sometimes use is a foam block under the voluptuous bootay to help ease seated poses and ensure a straight spine. Lastly, invest in a strap. Some poses will be challenging without one in the beginning.

2. Modify your poses when necessary
Plus size yoga tips modificiationsIt’s totally ok if you can’t do the poses exactly as you see it the first time. No need to throw your spine to the other side of the room or dislocate your knee to get that perfect position! For instance, if your wrists aren’t strong enough yet you can use your forearms in planks and downward dog. Also, consider that some standing stretches can be done on the floor and be just as effective. YouTube also has lots of great modification tutorials to get you started.

3. Avoid trying to do a pose too deep too fast (That’s what she said)
Plus size yoga tips go at your own paceJust because you’re not as bendy as Silly Putty Sally next to you in class doesn’t mean you can’t get a good stretch on (get your stretch on, get your stretch on!). Take things at your own pace and dont feel you need to force your body into shapes it’s notcomfortable with yet. You don’t need a pulled muscle in your life, trust me. Instead of depth of pose, focus on form and breathing A wide downward dog with raised heals, solid breathing and good form is better than a deep one with an arched back and shallow breath. Focus on doing the best you can, rather than being perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist… but a good stretch does!

4. Expect soreness
Plus size yoga tips plus size yoga classesLook, you’re going to feel like you went through some sort of inhumane medieval torture after you first day. Soreness is good, soreness is fun, soreness puts hair [errr glitter?] on your chest. Repeat this mantra! It’s going to be a part of the process. As you stretch and grow in your journey through yoga, your body will be sore along the wat. Plan for this and work in rest days. Remember: sore today, strong tomorrow!

5. Dress the part
Plus size yoga tips yoga clothesThis tip is my favorite for obvious reasons! Being able to combine yoga with fashion is basically the best thing in the world! Ok, maybe not the BEST thing. I mean there’s still chocolate lasagna to consider. Maybe this is a close second. Regardless, looking sassy while doing yoga is just plain fun.  It’s also critical. the right clothing will make movement easier; the right accessories will make you WERK. Buy a rainbow tutu, pull up those sparkly knee high socks, throw on that ironic tank top you couldn’t find a reason to wear. Go for it! Some people even use purchasing new workout clothes as a reward system. Do yoga for two weeks straight, get a new shirt! A whole month and you’ve earned some exotic compression pants!

6. Look for special plus size only introductory classes

plus size yoga tips sorenessIf going about this alone is overwhelming, check online and see if there is a yoga studio in your area that offers classes that cater to the larger ladies. It will be a great benefit to the yoga beginner to learn modifications and find a teacher who has experience working with bigger bodies. Once you have the hang of things and you’re ready, then you can proceed on your own. I love these programs in Nashville Austin, NYC, + Minneapolis.

There you have it! Six steps to help the plus sized gal to get started on her yoga journey. Because I am so nice I also have a teensy weensy bonus tip.  HAVE FUN! Initially, the struggle may be real but I promise the end result will be worth it. If you’re looking for some tutorials to start I highly recommend this channel on youtube and this instagram account

Namaste bitches!