Share How You Love to Move and Win!

It has been a month of training in Academy Sports + Outdoors plus size active gear and I couldn’t be more impressed. The gear is not only extremely affordable, it’s held up. I am super excited because today I have partnered with Academy to help one of you lucky unicorns the chance to experience those everyday low prices. for yourself!I am giving away a $100 gift card to Academy! Entering is simple, just leave a comment on this Instagram post sharing one way you love to move and tag a friend. Winner must be following @academy to be eligible to win. Entries close Jan 1 and winner will be chosen at random and announced on Jan 3.   You can enter as often as you like.

Academy makes it easy to gift and give, so to show you just how far $100 dollars can go at Academy, I put together this quick look. Did you know Academy also carries plus gear from a variety of fitness brands? I scored this adorable Columbia zip up  and you will have to rip it from my cold dead hands. Not only is it lightweight and comfy as all get out, it is also the absolutely perfect shade of coral. It just lights up the chilly days (and my face) whenever I wear it. To start a new year of training off right, I also got these amazing Nike flex experience sneakers in a size 12 (Yes, big footed girls they have shoes for us!).  They’re so flexible and might be my most comfortable pair of sneakers yet. Lastly, I added a pair of  BCG Plus terry joggers . The result is the perfect outfit to support my active lifestyle in the cooler winter months.

Thanks to Academy for sponsoring this post and good luck!

How I Prevent Chub Rub + Summertime Chafing

One of the main questions I get asked is how to prevent chafing. So when Monistat® asked me to put their Chafing Relief Powder Gel® to the Ultimate test, I was like… “Let’s do this!”The product itself has a great consistency- very silky. It went on leaving my skin feeling smooth and didn’t leave any weird residue.  I used about a quarter size dab and slathered it in my armpits, under my boobalas, on my inner thighs and at my bikini line. Then I set out to put the product to the ultimate test.
After spending the weekend in the sun running, hiking, swimming and dancing I was #SafeFromChafe. I wore the product for around 6 hours and did not reapply. Everyone’s body and PH is a little bit different so you may have to reapply more or less often than I do.I ran a mile in booty shorts, in 90 degree weather and I was fine! No chafe on me. Not even a little. It takes a lot for me to say a product is amazing and Chafing Relief Powder Gel® is simply that, amazing. If you want to try it out yourself you can find it in your feminine hygiene aisle or purchase it through amazon here.

This post was sponsored by Monistat Complete Care Powder Relief Chafing Gel, but the opinions of the product are authentic to my own personal experience.



Fur + Fair Isle: A Favorite Sweater Dress Pairing

Fur + Fair Isle: A Favorite Sweater Dress Pairing


Somedays you just want drown your face in a pile of stuffed animals. On those days I wear faux fur.  Then at any time during the day I can sweep my chin against the wafts of plush surrounding my face and feel at ease. I can also reenact 1980s skiing adds ( like down below) whenever it suits me. Look at me I am just having such a fun time at this sky resort, with all my rich friends, in our ski bunny attire and making important calls on our large cell phones.  Thanks for asking.


As a super pear I usually belt my fur vests. This is because I like to have a defined shape and often when wearing a fur vest my waist can get lost in swaddles of plushy fabric. I like a cinch to define my curves. It’s a thing.

A Round of Applause for Wearable Heels


I just want to give a quick shout out to heels that feel like flats. A once inch block heel changed my life.  I love the way heels make my feel, but for real yo I don’t know how any one survives in 3 inch stunners, let alone some of the crazy stilettos I see. I didn’t train to be in the circus. I have not intention to walk on stilts.  I don’t want to paint my face, wear, spandex and entertain you. Wait nope, I actually do want to do that. Just not on stilts.


A block heel makes me feel supported, and the inch height means even if I’m on my feet all day- like Gloria Gaynor- I Will Survive. Plus this red color perfectly mixes the “no place like home” wishes of Dorothy and the footwear that Elvis Costello reminded us only angels can be envious of.  Can I make any more song references in this post?  Well, woomp there it is (shaka laka shaka laka)


Shop This Look


Want to look flawless in fur and sassy in a sweater dress? You can find the items featured in this look in the links below:





Kickin’ it in K-Deer

Kickin’ it in K-Deer

So I’ve pretty much been stalking K-Deer for a year. This is not a lie. This is reality. I saw a pair of neon striped leggings on one of the swan like yoga goddesses I have the pleasure of following and I lusted hard. I mean NEON. STRIPES. Now eventually I did a bold, thing, which I am not super proud of, and asked if K-Deer would give me a little discount so I could afford this necessary pair of wonder tights. The truth is I don’t make any real money writing this silly blog, but I magically find tons and tons of ways to spend money using it as a justification. Shopping is now a disaster zone with me, because I always have an excuse for that one little extra purchase. My wallet just makes a weep womp sound when I open it.

Anyways K-Deer took pity on my poor fiscally constrained soul and instead of giving me a discount, gave me a free pair of their radtastic leggings to try out. AND A WATER BOTTLE. It’s like one of those fancy water bottles too, the type you can put fruit in and infuse water.

K-Deer Plus Size Leggings

Even though I was given these terrific tights for free, I’m going to be truthful about my experience wearing them. Honest like a modern day Baberham Lincoln. Luckily, my experience rocking this pair of sassy pants was pretty dang positive. First K-Deer leggings hold up. I didn’t hear or feel any seams pulling during yoga and stretching. You know that awkward creak you hear when you know  a stitch has ripped somewhere, and you hope to goodness it’s nowhere essential. This happens all the time in plus size yoga wear and it was something I noticed about them immediately.Additionally the chub rub region of the leggings are specially designed to to not have seams.

K-Deer Plus Size Leggings

They dry fast. Occasionally I have to take a business call in my gear after a sweaty session. This was the case on the day I took these puppies for a run, and they didn’t leave awkward sweat stains where I was sitting, because those suckers got rid of that sweat water like a boss.
K-Deer Plus Size Leggings

They held up for my entire gym session, not sliding down my backside showing the world my grand canyon. In short, they’re an all  around strong performer. One thing to note is they are very form fitting, so if you’re a more bootylicious and hippy lady like moi, I would consider going up a size if you’re in between. I did and I definitely needed the extra rump room.  Thumbs up for these spandex super pants. Lust is now love for my K-Deer stripey tights.K-Deer Plus Size Leggings

Being overweight is unhealthy, and why I don’t care

Being overweight is unhealthy, and why I don’t care

plus size healthI’ve been thinking a lot about how society tries to conceptualize health. We’re in many ways constantly seeing health shown as a black and white property-that we are either alive and well or on a quick path to death. When we look at the definition of health, we actually see it referred to as measurement of various components. Health isn’t a state, it is a score. It’s a combination of a million of individual data points that interact and create a state of health. In fact, your health could be better or worse when you wake up than it is when you go to bed. It’s a measurement of constant fluctuation and variance. You can be more or less healthy, but not just “healthy.”  Yes we are encouraged to walk around trying to categorize people as healthy or not by a single component (weight, activity level, diet). Health isn’t that simple.

The data points that make up health are broad because they encompass several types of data: such as states of being, your actions, the actions of others and your accessibility to certain resources. Plus those types of data correspond to different types of health: mental, social, and physical. For example, I could choose to never drink beer again, that might affect my physical health positively while negatively affecting my mental and social health. Furthermore there’s no universal guideline as to how an individual’s health will be affected by each interaction. For example, if I develop an allergy to strawberries, they suddenly become an unhealthy choice for me. Sure there are things that are likely to be healthy, but there are no universal rules in classification.

Now lets make it really messy.   Some of these factors are completely within your control, others are a product of the environment and social class you were born into, the genetics your parents passed to you, and the people that you interacted with that day. You can spend every waking hour trying to optimize every choice you make for an optimal score of total health. You can turn your life into a pseudo video game- always trying to up your life bar. Even then,  though you may have tried and worked hard to make the best and healthiest choices possible at all times and in all circumstances, you could find some unknown variable (such as hidden genetic predisposition) that could significantly and suddenly affect your health.

The best you can do make healthy choices. Making those choices isn’t as easy as reading a bunch of fitness magazines; even the top experts don’t agree on what the healthiest choices are. Instead, we should learn to listen to our bodies, and with feedback from our doctors make changes that over time increase our total health. But those changes shouldn’t focus on one type of health. Often physical health is elevated diminishing just how important mental and social health are.

I am an unhealthy weight. I have a healthy activity level. I make healthy choices in whose opinion I value. I have a healthy respect for others.  I have a healthy home-life free of disease.  I believe the positive choices I make daily greatly outweigh a single data point when it comes to evaluating my total health. Sure, it’s hard to deal with the fact that my negative health data points are more socially taboo then other peoples, but that’s life. Regardless of how much people try to simplify the composite picture of health into a single imperfect measure,  I refuse to accept that as a reflection of who I am, my health and how much living I can do.
plus size health

18 Rad Places to Buy Plus Size Fitness Leggings

18 Rad Places to Buy Plus Size Fitness Leggings

The thing I get asked most frequently is about my collection of plus size fitness leggings. Where did I get them? Do they fit well? Here’s a list of all the places I buy fancy schmany rainbowy work out leggings, why I like them, and other random thoughts. Later I will be working on a post which outlines how to choose the right pair of leggings for you based on activity, body types and personal needs.

Old Navy Plus Size LeggingsOld Navy

Old Navy is one of the only brands to offering cold weather warming gear and base layers. For a girls who runs 3x a weeks no matter the temperature, they have been my saving grace. Their gear is a solid bargain when you consider what you are getting for the price: stylish, everyday fitness wear, with a good fit. My own warning would be is to never put them in the dryer. I have notice they use elasticity a bit quicker than the more boutique legging shops.


Lineage Plus Size LeggingsLineage

I was lucky enough to win a pair of lineage leggings as part of a yoga challenge. One wear and I was hooked. They are some of the best fit leggings I have ever owned. What I enjoy most about them is that for a girl just getting into fitness they are your dream leggings- there’s enough compression for aerobics, but enough stretch to make it a solid yoga legging. Plus the patterns are eye catching and amazing.



Fractal.9 Plus Size LeggingsFractal.9

Fractal.9 leggings were some of the first yoga gear I ever bought. All their gear is bold and sassy, but I absolutely have an obsession with their sweet cheeks cut. They have an adjustable length, and in hot yoga they can’t be beat. I am so happy that Fractal.9 has created such an necessary staple designed with the plus body in mind.



pr_starstruck_front_1024x1024Personal Record

Personal record makes what I consider one of my favorite pairs of leggings. The fit is great and the waist has a lot of support and does not slip during heavy aerobic exercise. Also, they’re like wearing a Liza Frank sticker on your body, which is pretty much my life goal.





Lola-Getts-Skinny-CapriLola Getts

Lola Getts hands down makes my favorite black legging. I don’t want to call them basic, because they aren’t. They fit like a dream, transition from day to night, and have excellent compression. They are expensive, but they last forever. Seriously, they have made it through more thunder thigh rubbing than any pair of fitness pants I have ever had.




Sport Skirts Plus Size LeggingsSkirt Sports

Skirts sports offers us girls something a bit different. Don’t worry, each skirt had shorts or leggings underneath, making it the ultimate plus size girly girls run gear. But don’t be fooled, skirt sports clothing is designed for serious runners, with all the right support and moisture wicking a girl could ask for. Plus, oh the pockets! Their skirted capri is one of my long run go tos.



Abomb Apparel Plus Size Leggings

Abomb Apparel

Abomb is fun yoga brand, that offers custom fit pants. While not suited for heavy aerobics, Abomb pants are the perfect partner in crime for getting flexy. They offer more stretch and give than a compression pair. My leopard leggings have a scrunch butt which show off my assets and make me feel like a sexy yoga goddess.


Breeze Activewear Plus Size LeggingsBreeze Activewear

I had my first workout in Breeze leggings this week and I was impressed. These leggings are cut extremely well for pear shaped girls. I enjoy that they offer a little more thigh and butt room, with out compromising the support in the waist and stomach area. Rarely do I find leggings that fit my pear shape so perfectly.




Yogaletics Plus Size LeggingsYogaletics

Yogaletics creates amazing prints and thank goodness designd them with no annoying camel toe creating center seam. I love yogaletics so much because they are constantly rotating designs. Plus the understand that there is no such thing as a legging that works perfectly for every exercise, so they create variations to support different types of being active.




Plus size leggings k deerK-Deer

I’ve been obsessed with this brand for awhile and I only recently found they offer plus sizes. I’m saving up for this awesome pair of neon striped leggings because I was born to have my body clad in neon and doing so while also raising to fingers in the air to the stereotype of women not being able to wear stripes is the best feeling ever!



Zzella plus size leggingsella

Offered by Norstrom this brand offers practical work out gear that is flattering and reusable. I have a lot of love for their reversible pair of leggings. What girl doesn’t love being able to have her fitness gear go the extra mile? That said, do not wear them for a work out and expect to reverse them for the next day. That’s just nasty.




Torrid plus size work out gearTorrid

This set just speaks to me on so many levels. Personally I haven’t worn Torrid gear, but people keep telling me to check it out. This set is making me go gaga, so as soon as I have the monies, girl it is on. I think anything that reminds the world I am a star, is a must own.





Pink Lotus Plus Size LeggingsPink Lotus

Pink Lotus has just recently begun offering plus size gear, but they are coming in with a bang a rang. This particular look caught my eye because its what I imagine what euphoria looks like in a workout gear twin set. I like that they are kicking off their line with bold prints, because they understand the plus size world  doesn’t need another store offering an uninspired black fitness legging.



My Manifesta plus size leggingsManifesta

I feel these shark attack leggings were made to worn on the work outs during shark week. I don’t own them, but I want them. I think about this often, the amazing visual pun that could be made. The inside joke that could keep me giggling through a tough workout. Manifesta is a often loved plus size work out gear brand and makes its solid bet when searching for fitness fun leggings.


katie K Plus Size LeggingsKatie K

Katie K is a newer discovery for me, but I am loving how there leggings are perfectly designed for running. A nice side pocket allows for storage, which not all leggings provide. This is a main selling point for a girl like me who has already had to put her phone in a bag of rice several times due to phone damage from boob sweat. With pants like these, I wouldn’t have to rely so much on Uncle Ben.


Marika Plus Size LeggingsMarika

Marika is my best kept secret, well Marika purchased at Marshall’s. It’s the brand that no one know about, but is a great inexpensive brand. Plus any company that makes metallic splattered leggings needs to be on my list.





Rainbeau Curves Plus Size LeggingsRainbeau Curves

Rainbeau curves is love by some of my favorite plus size yoga goddesses. They make great prints and are exceptionally affordable.  I love that they are so active in the community and do more than just create great active wear, but also support some many amazing women who are amazing examples in the plus size fitness community.



Just Curves OnederJust Curves

Just Curves gets the inovation award. I really appreciate what they are trying to do to not only create great plus size work out gear, but all reinvent those items to better support plus bodies. A great example of this is the Oneder suit, which provides compression on the back as well. I’ve been lusty after this lace and purple since it came out, mostly because i feel like it might be the sexiest thing to wear working out, ever.