Torrid 2018 Plus Size Swimsuit + Bikini Review

Just before my vacation to Hawaii, Torrid send me two swimsuits from their new 2018 swim collection to try out. Both suits featured a vibrant tropical print I adored- mama love herself some color! I tried the first suit out- a super sassy laced up one piece– on a catamaran cruise around Oahu.

What I liked most about this suit is that it felt sexy, but was also super practical and pretty modest. While the suit laced up the front- giving the air of drama and a peak of extra skin- there was no need to fear any thing slipping out of place. This is the type of suit one could easily take tubing without fear. If you’ve been behind a boat, pulled in a tube- you know what I mean. If you haven’t- lets just say many a girl had lost her bikini top falling off said tube on a tight turn.

The longer I wore the suit the more I wanted to wear it. I can imagine wearing this plus size one piece swimsuit as a body suit with some cute distressed denim shorts or a flowy skirt.  It’s definitely going to get as much air time away from the pool as in it.

I also received a plus size bikini top with a peplum in the same bright jungle floral. This suit top came with black bottoms and a matching cover up.  I wore this set to the infamous Waikiki beach for some sun and wave action. Here I am rocking this babelicious look in front of the infamous Royal Hawaiian hotel- an icon in Honolulu.

My first impressions is that Torrid has definitely improved the fit of the top this year. In previous suits sometimes the underwire would dig into me; in the 2018 variation I did not have that issue. Additionally, this year’s suits allows you to have the choice to push-up  remove the padding from the cup. You would have to claw  the extra padding from my cold dead hands, but girls with larger cup sizes will appreciate this little added detail and the extra cup room.

The cover up was really soft, but the color was noticeably darker than the suit. As a result, I personally think the two items would look better not wore together. Overall these suits are great example that Torrid continues to innovate and invest in creating great fitting a plus size women’s swimsuits.

My Favorites from the Torrid 2018 Plus Size Collection

Below are some more of my favorite pieces from the new collection. Click the images to shop.

While I received this  product in exchange for an honest review, I was not financially compensated for this post.

OOTD: Fit to be tied

OOTD: Fit to be tied

Plus Size Swimwear Fatkini Rue 107
So I had been online stalking Rue 107 for awhile and hemming hawing over buying something. Then two weeks ago, doing my standard plus size fashion scan,  my shopping finger basically went into spasms. This suit, it had to be mine. It’s unlike any other swimsuit I have ever seen. It’s sporty and sexy. It’s surprisingly full coverage and it shows a bit of salacious skin. I had no choice I had to buy it.
Plus Size Swimwear Fatkini Rue 107One thing I always admired about this brand suits is how easily the tops double as well, tops. I mean here I am rocking a brunch outfit, that’s really just a swimsuit with a sporty white skirt thrown over it. And I look good, damn good.
Plus Size Swimwear Fatkini Rue 107Chuck that skirt to the side, and blamo, sex pot swimsuit of the century. It may be just me, but I believe anything tied with a bow has this naughty little under tone. Unravel that bow, sexy foreign man. It’s go time. Easy access, fashionista style. But,  I double knotted these ties, there shall be no accidental strip show. Nope. Nope. Standards shall be maintained.
Plus Size Swimwear Fatkini Rue 107
I’ll just be over hear alluding to your sexual fantasy. But definitely not participating. I’m a good girl after all.Now I am just going to swim off all the allusions I have just made. Chilling out and looking oh so so so fine. Triple snap, hip sashay and hair flip.
Plus Size Swimwear Fatkini Rue 107

OOTD: Swimwear Sneak Away


Torrid Plus Size Swimwear

I knew it was going to be a gorgeous day today  and I knew my body was in need of some necessary Vitamin D. So I got all bossy pants, with el captain of the conference room and demanded the afternoon off. Oh man, it was the best decision ever. I spent lunch time hiking through the wildflowers at Mueller park with my pup. Afterwards, I had earned the only worthy reward- a few hours in the sun by the pool.

Torrid Plus Size Swimwear

I have been dying to throw on this pineapple print  suit ever since it arrived. It’s got such a fun retro feel and I’d never given Torrid swimwear a whirl before. In short I am fool because as I learned today, I was really missing out.

Torrid Plus Size Swimwear

The top makes the girls look amazing. I own lemons, but in this suit they look like cantaloupes. That’s like a miracle right there folks.  I am ever so grateful for the va va vooooom. For those who asked, I am wearing a size 1 on top and a size 2 on bottom.

Torrid Plus Size Swimwear

I also like this suit because its a great first bikini for a plus size girl. Not everyone is ready or comfortable bearing a lot of skin. This suit is super fabulicious because it’s just a little more revealing that a tankini, but more flattering and definitely more bold.

Huge shout out to Torrid for making amazing swimwear and  providing me this adorable suit to try out and review.

5 Gothic Inspired Swimsuits to Swoon Over

5 Gothic Inspired Swimsuits to Swoon Over

I have been noticing that these seasons plus size swimsuits have a sneaky streak of Gothic wonder in them. Gothic style is known for being dark, mysterious, and vintage inspired. Gothic fashion draws inspiration from Victorian arts and in some case punk subcultures. This season I’ve enjoyed seeing exciting uses of lace, hardware, and bondage elements in water ready garments.

As a girl who used to rock a faux hawk and loves a bit of magic, I am digging the romantic bewitching under tones of this cruise seasons beach wear. Here’s some swim looks that are sure to cast a spell on you, and that spell is lightening your wallet and officially  putting you on beach sass patrol.

Plus Size Mesh-Panel Swimsuit


Forever 21: Mesh Panel Swimsuit

I love the bondage feel of this suit and it reminds be of the complicated lines of traditional Gothic architecture. If harness straps don’t make you feel like a sex goddess, I am not sure what will. I can imagine pairing this with a velvet choker and a don’t give a funk attitude. This one piece is oooozing with confidence.





Lacheln Black Lightning Retro High Waist Bikini


Bonsoir Bella: Lightening Suit

This retro styles bikini in funky holographic lightening print is electric. Plus, it’s also versatile. I can imagine the top doubling as the perfect partner in crime with a black pencil skirt on a rocking night out. I am a sucker for sparkle, and this suit meets all my needs: Versatility, uniqueness, and cut designed to flatter and lady’s curves.





Vicieux Latex One-Piece Swimsuit


Le Noir Luxe: Vicieux Latex One-Piece Swimsuit

This suit is a winner for so many reasons first the latex look screams “I’m feeling that 50 shades of gray vibe” while the full coverage still provides support and coverage for those of us who feel more comfortable in a full piece suit. The deep plunge accentuates and highlights the girls, while still lifting and supporting them with sassy bondage inspired straps.




Ru 107 Arianna Black Lace Halter Bikini Top Arianna Black Lace


Rue 107: Arianna Black Lace Bikini

Get lacy and a little racy with this romantic black lace bikini from Rue 107. The fabric pulls vintage feelings while the cut is undeniably modern. This suit evokes a dark Victorian romance with a hint of mystery. It’s like you’ve got a secret and that secret is that you are sultry vixen oozing with confidence and a touch of girly flair.



Strappy bandeau bikini with hardware


Lane Bryant: Strappy bandeau bikini with hardware

This hardware bedazzled suit is ready for some, well, hard wear. This sporty take on the gothic trend, is a more accessible interpretation for the everyday girl. The metal accents are fun and flirty, and the playful take on the harnessing, makes this suit an easy way for any girl to throw an appreciative nod to the dark side.