Pastel Floral Realness.

I hadn’t planned on blogging this look, but so many of you asked for details on this snazzy number. In short, thats why I am  here I am typing away at my keyboard to bring you pastel floral realness, that is also affordable and comfortable. Seriously this outfit is comfy AF.

The the floral skirt with NEON accents, is from Boohoo. I feel like i have to write that in caps because NEON deserves to stand out.  I paired the adorable skirt with a white frilly crop top also from BooHoo. Over top I threw a mauve faux leather jacket from Just Fab, but there is a similar one at Old Navy if you don’t want to join their subscription program.  The shoes are also from Just Fab as well. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a similar style that affordable and available in a size 11.

The ruffle accent on this jacket is to die for.  It makes all my girlie fashion dreams com true.

This gives you an idea what the crop looks like with out the jacket. Still an awesome look for the warmer weather.

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Just Lounging Around

I did something amazing yesterday. I didn’t work. No pictures for the blog. No videos recorded, No emails answered, No research done. I just watched for about 18 hours of a very good K- drama, cooked a bunch of delicious food, and cuddled my pup. It was awesome.

My ultimate day off was lived in my new favorite outfit. These Gap wide leg pants are a dream and I love the white  piping details on the matching crop top. I can swaddle myself in blankets or I can grab brunch in this kit. I’m officially obsessed. I styled this with a print shoe from JustFab and some gold earrings I snagged from my existing jewelry stash. Throw on a red lip and mama’s ready to Netflix and chill, while simultaneously serving looks that kill.

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A Modern Take on Valentine’s Day

I remember very clearly the day I became obsessed with the colors red + pink together. My tale isn’t one of Valentine’s day glory, but rather vignette into my own education in color. I was around 5 or 6 at a church activity. We were cutting shapes out of fabric to decorate white t-shirts. I’d fallen in love with this bright strawberry print and I was meticulously cutting out each individual berry to glue onto my soon to be very fashionable tee. Even as a child, I was type A. My strawberries were perfect. Once glued into place, the next step was to trace them in puffy paint to help them stay in place.

I remember grabbing a red puffy paint to begin my perfect outline only to realize I had mistakenly selected a bright pink shade. I was devastated. I cried big emotional tears at my failure. Red didn’t go with pink. It was wrong. It was different. My shirt was ruined. Now I don’t have a lot of good memories of my mother as she was sick so much of my life, but what she did next will always stick with me. She stopped, looked me right in the eyes and said,

“When something you have no control of in your life is different from the norm you have two choices: You can be upset and fight it or you can embrace it and help everyone see how beautiful it is.” 

We went back to that t-shirt and outlined each red berry in that bright pink. We added little pink dots to each of the fabric fruits. In the end, I loved that t-shirt so much more than I ever could imagine. What I learned from that moment is that we have opportunities every day to choose how to view our experiences. How often do we cry and lament because they feel weird instead of seeing them just as they really are- pretty darn awesome.

Pink Strawberry Fashion Magic

This modern take on that childhood learning is perhaps one of my favorite I’ve ever put together. I’ve literally been showing it to strangers all week, because I’m proud of it. It’s not just super cool looking, but it’s an ode to my own journey. The dress I snagged off amazon. I adore it’s asymmetrical neckline and feel it gives a nice modern swagger to the look. The oversized sweater is from H&M and is one of my favorite pieces I’ve purchased in the last 6 months. I’ve closed the sweater with a red leather tassel belt- an oldie but still goody- from Lane Bryant. The flats are my favorite neutral shoes found at Old Navy.

I embraced the pink and red magic in my eye shadow as well. I created a half circle of bold bubble gum pink using Sugar Pills Dollipop shadow on each eye lid. I then used Nyx Vivid Brights in Fire to line my lids and water line. Using Colour Pops Creme Gel Liner in Exit  I added white accents under the water line and at the brow.  I kept my face completely neutral otherwise and used Winky Luxes Lip Velour Matte Lipstick  in Ghosting with a light pink slightly creamy gloss on top to dull the sparkle just a smidge.

Red And Pink Essentials:

I’ve rounded up some of my red and items that are perfect for Valentine’s Day or just for any day really. Love is love and should be celebrated always.

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Plus Size Spring 2018 Trend: Multi-Color Magic

In Spring 2018, the color is, well, all of them. Multicolor prints are having a moment- primarily in two bold variations. One is the concept of rainbow or multicolor variations of traditional stripes, dots and patterns. Dolce & Gabana sent bold multi-color  dress with rainbow corsets down the aisle, while Emporio Armani showed off crisp many hued pinstripe suiting.  The second popular iteration of this trend is art inspired multicolored pieces. Missoni sent pieces with prints inspired by Andy Warhol down the spring 2018 runway and Coach doubled down on their collaboration with Keith Haring’s estate.

Multi-Color For the Real World

For most of us a wardrobe of technicolor fashion may seem way beyond our comfort zone; heck sometimes all rainbow print can be scary. However, have no fear!  Rocking this trend doesn’t mean that you need a full ROY G BIV moment. Nay! Instead looks for dress, skirts, shirts, and more with patterns that boast at least 4 different colors. This is fashion, not skittles, you don’t need to actually taste the rainbow.

Styled: Stripes of Many Shades

The dress pictured above is from Modcloth. It’s 100% on trend with out looking like my annual outfit for the pride parade.  I particularly like the unusual color pairings; who knew mint could look so good with orange? The cardigan layered over top pulls the look together. with it’s multi-colored buttons. It’s a subtle and wearable way to give a nod to this season’s most colorful trend. The shoes and bag featured here are no longer available

Score Some Multi-Color Magic of Your Own.

To help you live your most colorful life this spring, I’ve rounded up my favorite pieces with plentiful pigments below.  Click the images to shop.

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How Wearing Color Can Change Your Life

Today I am partnering with Modcloth to share how wearing color can change your life. People always comment on how colorful I dress. Take for example, this bold, striped and pleated skirt from Modcloth. Even paired with a more subdued cream blouse, it’s still making a statement when I walk down the the street.  I wear bright colors like this because I actually believe bright clothing means bright days. Science agrees.  Recent studies have shown that looking at bright warm colors releases dopamine — known as the ‘feel-good hormone.” Increasing dopamine in our system can improve mood, increase our ability to focus and even boost our sex drive.  Cool tones, can cause us to release oxytocin, as result making us feel calmer and refreshed.

Wearing Color Allows Me To Be Seen

Personally, I wear color because it feels rebellious.  As a plus size woman, for years I’ve been told to hide- to avoid colors. “Dark clothing will slim your hips, darling.” Barf. As a result, the options that were available to me to be bold and bright were limited in my youth. Now as the tides have turned and brands like Modcloth are making colorful options in my size- I can’t help but indulge in all the hues.  Colorful clothing helps me make a statement about my worthiness to be visually acknowledged. It says I am not hiding anymore. I want to be seen.

Color Can Be A Motivator

Wearing bright colors does more than give me empowered warm fuzzies. Color psychology is the scientific study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. It is shocking just how much color affects the decisions we make and opinions we form every day.  Take the colors in this skirt.  Reds can act as stimulants- giving you energy and a sense of power through out the day.  Yellows can give you sense of confidence- increasing your likeliness to self-perceive as competent and happy.  Blues carry an air of honesty and professionalism. That’s a lot of good vibes packed in one little skirt.

The Basics of Color Theory

Below is a high-level guide to Color Theory or essentially what different colors can evoke in us. Note: Color Theory is a very complex subject and saturations, tones and pairings can change how colors are perceived. I would suggest reading this three part series on color theory for designers  for anyone really interested in learning more.

 Add a Punch of Color to Your Look

Now that you know color can literally change your outlook each day, here are some ideas of how to add color to your day-to-day wardrobe. Clothing options are size inclusive (available from size xs to 4x) and are from Modcloth. Click the images to shop!

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Overall, I Love Overalls

In high school there was nothing I wanted more than every pair of pants I owned to be in overall format. I am not sure why, but in the late 2000s, every fabric, every color, every style was best served with a bib and some over the shoulder closures. I suppose that’s why I am so ecstatic that overalls are making an “overall” comeback. As girl who’s pants generally have issues staying up- they also solve all my problems.

This year’s overalls have one major deviation from their predecessors- the fitted waist. Let’s sing all hallelujah to whomever had the critical thought, ” you know if we just added buttons on the side- we could have a fitted waited and an overall.” God bless them.

Today’s look is a celebration of one of my favorite pair of overalls on the market right now- this distressed pair from RWN. Paired with a simple cream turtle neck, yellow duck boots and a fun houndstooth coat (here’s an alternative as this one is sold out)  the look is an ode to casual cool. The distressing, fitted waist  and design decision to have a tie closure instead of metal clasps make these denim bibs more than just a another rehash of a previous trend. I’m in love.

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