How Wearing Color Can Change Your Life

Today I am partnering with Modcloth to share how wearing color can change your life. People always comment on how colorful I dress. Take for example, this bold, striped and pleated skirt from Modcloth. Even paired with a more subdued cream blouse, it’s still making a statement when I walk down the the street.  I wear bright colors like this because I actually believe bright clothing means bright days. Science agrees.  Recent studies have shown that looking at bright warm colors releases dopamine — known as the ‘feel-good hormone.” Increasing dopamine in our system can improve mood, increase our ability to focus and even boost our sex drive.  Cool tones, can cause us to release oxytocin, as result making us feel calmer and refreshed.

Wearing Color Allows Me To Be Seen

Personally, I wear color because it feels rebellious.  As a plus size woman, for years I’ve been told to hide- to avoid colors. “Dark clothing will slim your hips, darling.” Barf. As a result, the options that were available to me to be bold and bright were limited in my youth. Now as the tides have turned and brands like Modcloth are making colorful options in my size- I can’t help but indulge in all the hues.  Colorful clothing helps me make a statement about my worthiness to be visually acknowledged. It says I am not hiding anymore. I want to be seen.

Color Can Be A Motivator

Wearing bright colors does more than give me empowered warm fuzzies. Color psychology is the scientific study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. It is shocking just how much color affects the decisions we make and opinions we form every day.  Take the colors in this skirt.  Reds can act as stimulants- giving you energy and a sense of power through out the day.  Yellows can give you sense of confidence- increasing your likeliness to self-perceive as competent and happy.  Blues carry an air of honesty and professionalism. That’s a lot of good vibes packed in one little skirt.

The Basics of Color Theory

Below is a high-level guide to Color Theory or essentially what different colors can evoke in us. Note: Color Theory is a very complex subject and saturations, tones and pairings can change how colors are perceived. I would suggest reading this three part series on color theory for designers  for anyone really interested in learning more.

 Add a Punch of Color to Your Look

Now that you know color can literally change your outlook each day, here are some ideas of how to add color to your day-to-day wardrobe. Clothing options are size inclusive (available from size xs to 4x) and are from Modcloth. Click the images to shop!

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How I Prevent Chub Rub + Summertime Chafing

One of the main questions I get asked is how to prevent chafing. So when Monistat® asked me to put their Chafing Relief Powder Gel® to the Ultimate test, I was like… “Let’s do this!”The product itself has a great consistency- very silky. It went on leaving my skin feeling smooth and didn’t leave any weird residue.  I used about a quarter size dab and slathered it in my armpits, under my boobalas, on my inner thighs and at my bikini line. Then I set out to put the product to the ultimate test.
After spending the weekend in the sun running, hiking, swimming and dancing I was #SafeFromChafe. I wore the product for around 6 hours and did not reapply. Everyone’s body and PH is a little bit different so you may have to reapply more or less often than I do.I ran a mile in booty shorts, in 90 degree weather and I was fine! No chafe on me. Not even a little. It takes a lot for me to say a product is amazing and Chafing Relief Powder Gel® is simply that, amazing. If you want to try it out yourself you can find it in your feminine hygiene aisle or purchase it through amazon here.

This post was sponsored by Monistat Complete Care Powder Relief Chafing Gel, but the opinions of the product are authentic to my own personal experience.



Miami Part 1: The Dress Every Gal Should Own

Miami Part 1: The Dress Every Gal Should Own

I am in Miami for work for the next few days and I packed this uber comfy yellow dress that I featured in my recent Amazon haul. After a day of stressful Florida meetings, the one thing I wasn’t frustrated with was this frock. Usually I change into PJs as soon as I get back to my hotel room, but not in this dress. No in this dress, I shall have no pajama jams. Because when it comes to being comfortable, this thing does not play around.When I travel for work I rely on dresses I can throw in a bag and go- with out worries of wasting space or *sigh* wrinkles.  This number is the perfect example of what I love most in a travel dress. It’s uber flattering and, while basic, can easily be dressed up and down. This means I can make it work overtime and be re-worn when trying to pack light. There are also subtle details that makes it a not-so-basic staple, like the up and down seaming. The thing is $24, works for all body types, comes in a million colors and I firmly believe every girl should own one. I wasn’t paid to say that, I’m just simply a big fan of all the sunny vibes this mustard magic is putting out.This majestic tribal necklace- believe it or not- was an airport buy. Ok the airport in India, which for the record,has by far the best accessories I have ever seen. At $15, this necklace looks like it should cost $70 and an intimate knowledge the hipster wearable art scene. It’s eccentric and unique and just dang cool. It’s one of my favorite things Ive purchased abroad andgoes almost too perfectly with the mustard hue of this swing dress. Sadly I don’t know where you can pick up this exact necklace online, but I found this alternative that also makes a bold statement.
For shoes I am breaking so many people’s unrealistic fashion rules, and wearing Crocs- metallic gold Crocs with sparkle to be exact. I freaking love Crocs. Sure there aren’t always plastic luster clad wonder shoes that meet my day to day outfit needs, but the few pairs I have are lifesavers. Especially when I travel. And I feel bloated and gross. Crocs deal with my old lady like need for orthopedic comfort while still making look like I got dressed up fancy. Crocs, are a brand that started off fashionably challenged, and now are likely going to show up on the Jerry Springer to rub how much sexier they’ve gotten in your face. Or not. Maybe, that was just a weird funny thought I had.Before I talk about the finishing touches. Can we talk about Data’s cameo in this photo and how happy it makes me feel? I took theses photos while simultaneously chasing him around the terrace of my hotel. Here he’s sneaking back waiting for me to chase him again. Awww little nugget, I love you. DRAMATIC AND UNEXPLAINED SUBJECT CHANGE. I finished off this look with a low messy adventuress bun, simple make up in soft browns, a vintage grossgrain belt and my favorite motivational Be. Bangles. The result in an international look that as comfortable as it is effortless.

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How To Wear A Festive Romper and Slay

How To Wear A Festive Romper and Slay

I saw this romper and I needed it. It’s siren call spoke to me and I was seduced by its sparkle. So a sale popped up and I was like come home to mama, rainbow baby. I had to wait forever to get it. That annoyed me. But now that it’s mine? WORTH IT. The totally rainbow fish inspired get up is from Monif C, the boots are from Love Sick and the sass is alllll mine.


The weird thing about this look is that in my mind I never thought I could be standing outside in shorts in 40 degree weather and still feel season appropriate. Somehow, this season, rompers became winter wear. And not only winter wear, festive winter wear. I’ve seen a bevy of cute designs screaming “wear me and drink enough to make out with your coworker you’ve been crushing on all year.” The holiday season is all about crazy romps and well, rompers are for romping.

How to Style A Festive Romper

When wearing a romper, the look can go from demure (say a nice bias cut velvet number) to I’ve had four energy drinks and a bottle vodka (this sequin number). Here’s a few tips to make it work.

  1. For rompers with crazy prints and embellishments, keep the added accessories to a minimum and let the romper have all the fun
  2. When choosing a solid color piece look for interesting fabric that adds a touch of sophistication that can be elevated with metal tone jewelry
  3. Boots and booties are perfect with rompers and can add a little height without the intensity of a full heel
  4. To keep warm, pair a romper with a pair of tights. Choose a solid color for bold prints or go crazy with print worn with a solid color piece.
  5. Think about logistics. Choose a romper you can easily get in an out of after a few cocktails when you friend Ashley is to busy with her new man trophy to help free you

Plus Size Festive Rompers I Love

Here’s a few rompers I found while holiday shopping that would serve you well as a guest star at your holiday party, new years bash, or hot sexy date. Click the images below to shop!

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21 Pairs of Earrings Drunk Me Thought I Needed

21 Pairs of Earrings Drunk Me Thought I Needed

So I am going to Jamaica exactly one week from today. Thank the sweet heavens, because after crying over creative differences in ginger bread house building contest yesterday, I have realized I am very desperately in need of some time away from work and some time with alcohol, sun and gratuitous booty shaking. So last night, after what I can only define as the worst day ever, I found myself on amazon thinking about my super fun trip.

Earring Power

And then I began to panic. See, when I lived in Brazil I remember very well a stern conversation my friend Luciana had with me. When girls go out they must always wear cute earrings to attract the eyes of the world. I remember he proceeded to drag me to a market to fill my purse with as many baubles as I could afford to change my barren ear ways. Now I could have reflected on how antiquated this thinking was, but instead I found myself ripping through the pages of Amazon convinced I would not have enough flashy lobe decorations to truly enjoy my vacation. This is what stress and wine do to me- turn me into a one women earring consumption machine.

Drunk Me Strikes Again

I woke up this morning to 21 pairs of earrings in my shopping bag. No joke. 21. I am not sure how I intended to wear 21 pairs of earring over a 4 day stint in the sun- heck I’ll be lucky if I ever make it out of my swim suit. I am sure drunk me had a plan, but given sober me has “taken the wheel,” I need to make some cuts. I am faced with a dilemma, which to choose? The reality is drunk or sober I appear to have great taste. Here are the 21 one pairs of earrings that ended up in my cart primed for purchase, I’d love to hear which you think I should jam in my ears in Jamaica and which I should add to my Amazon wishlist to be purchased by the imaginary person I have convinced myself will someday fall deeply in love with me and will be intent to woo me with internet purchases.

Which Earrings Should I Keep?

Painted Coloured Petal Earrings

Multi-Colored Sequin Hoop Gold Earrings

Natural Agate Slice Geode Earrings

Multicoloured Sequin Hoop Earrings

Enameled Shrimp Door Knockers

POP C Purple Cupcake Earrings

Women’s Simple Gold Box Earrings

Leverback Dangle Drop Earrings in Rainbow

Fashion Straight Shape Silver Earrings

 Black Tassel Drop Dangle Earrings

Multi-Bright Statement Earrings

Crystal Loop Beaded Tassels Earring

Black Long Tassel Earrings

Healing Point Dangle Earrings

Maying Multi-color Lightweight Copper Earrings

Tortoise and Blue Kite Earrings

Bohemian Tassel Earrings

 V Shape Earrings

Drop Outline Earrings

 Cage Crystal Silver Plated Earrings

Rose Gold Spike Stud Earrings




Everyone Should Own an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Everyone Should Own an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

plus-size-ugly-christmas-sweater-1Ugly Christmas sweater parties are my jam and fervently believe everyone should own at least one in their wardrobe. Personally, I have several, because I love Christmas and I am hoarder. Just over here speaking my truth from beneath a pile of festive sweaters and whimsical novelty socks.
plus-size-ugly-christmas-sweater-2My favorite place to get said sweaters is Blizzard Bay -the creme de la creme novelty sweater shop on the fancy internet site of Amazon. I discovered them last year after falling down a massive google shopping black hole, and now I find myself a devotee. I purchased sweaters for myself and half my family from their shop. I wasn’t paid to say this; when you put a themed light up sweater in front of me, my heart just skips a little glittery beat.


And since my whole family had sweaters, Data needed to have one too. You can’t see it super well, put his little sweater has a green sparkly tree on it and matches mama. It’s like Mother Boy, Christmas edition. I found this pupperific sweater in Target, while I was trying to avoid filling my cart with all the glittering festive things. This gem slipped through the cracks and this photo makes it all worth while. Data looks so dapper. I’m such a proud mama. Proud enough to order customized  Yankee candles with this picture and mail them to all the people I want to impress.

Shop this look