9 of Your Favorite Plus Size Items Now Black Friday Cheap

I was going to do your typical black Friday post, but then I was like, screw that. Like do you really need another blog with links and sale descriptions? I don’t know how to make that original. I’m not that clever at 5 am after eating my weight in carbs. However, I do know there’s some items you’ve flipped over the last few months that are now super cheap. So here’s a list of things you’ve loved, that are now at prices you can also love. Each of the titles above the item click directly to the store.

Forever 21 Sweater Dress | $10


The most disappointing of the sales,Forever 21 offers 50% off sale and a few door busters.

Fashion to Figure Julep Shoes | $13

40% off regular priced items and 50% off sale at Fashion to Figure.

Boohoo Sequin Pants | $21


The entire BooHoo Site is 60% of for Black Friday.

Charlotte Russe Copper Lattice Dress | $20


Nothing in the store is over $20 at Charlotte Russe, with tons of things at the $5-$10 range!

JustFab Gold Dress | $22

img_1187Find 50% off site wide at Justfab.

Eloquii Kady Floral Pants | $29

plus size work outfit ideas 3

50% off everything at Eloquii with a few amazing $25 items and all kady pants only $29!

Asos Mauve Velvet Bomber Jacket | $32

A flat 30% off at Asos.com.

Torrid Gradient fur Jacket | $42


A flat 40% off items at Torrid!

Modcloth Apple Cider Sweater Dress | $56


Buy More spend more in affect at modcloth, with the ability to save up to 40% off with a purchase of at least $200.

On some of these links I earn affiliate commission. This helps support my blog, but it does not influence what products I select to showcase.

Watercolor Free For All

Watercolor Free For All

So Paperself sent me some sample body tattoos and I had them hanging eagerly at my  desk for about a week. Every so often I’d look up stare at them, and think ” I’m going to save those until I have a really rad idea.” The thought would wisp away and my eyes would return to spreadsheets and productivity.


Then Friday, during a business meeting, genius struck. So Imagine this, I am on a phone call- actively participating mind you- while at the same time slathering my body in temporary tattoos and painting my face dramatically  with watercolor face sticks. Thank god, no cameras or screen sharing was involved, or I would have had a lot to explain. Or not so much. My work gets me.

PaperselfIt’s weird how I can so seamlessly do two things at one. My artistic and business side seem to operate on completely different wavelengths allowing them to produce equally good work of entirely different nature at the exact same time. One part Picasso, one part [insert less annoying famous business person than Donald Trump]  Paperself
I’ve really never been much of an artist on paper and maybe it’s because I am realizing the body is my canvas. This will inevitably result in me justifying at least $200 of drunk purchases related to body paint, temporary tattoos and body jewels. JUST. LET. ME. EXPRESS. MYSELF. Paperself
I loved the reckless details of these rose and bird tattoos. I feel like my body is the secret garden. Hmm. That sounds like I am trying to make some naughty reference. Like it could be the title of sexually suggestive Katy Perry song. ugh. What I meant is that these specific design elements seem special, unusual and not something you’d cross everyday. Paperself

Products used in this look: