How to Rock The Velvet In-Between

Velvet or Velour is one of those weird fabrics that seems to only to live at the polar ends of the dressing spectrum. It’s either pieces fit for pajama lounge time or its found in elegant gowns and fancy waistcoats. Until this season, that is. Playful in-between velvet items have been popping up all over the place and I couldn’t help but share a few looks to inspire you all to look at velvet a little bit differently.

Urban Cool

This fun and functional Torrid velvet skirt adds a kick of sass to this awesome ‘Thick Hunny” t-shirt from Luella. Thrown on with my favorite gold sneakers (similar) and a pair of classic gold oversized earrings, this outfit is your go to for casual cool.

Romantic Country

One might argue that a velvet dress is automatically formal. I say, “NAY.” The tiered seams of this Simply Be velvet dress add a low key feel, while the black boots  from Modcloth add a slight nod to the current equestrian trend.  Velvet can be heavy, so to keep this look visually light, I added a gold accent belt (similar) for definition and my favorite black tassel earrings from amazon.

Eccentric Indie

I love this Modcloth pinafore because it’s such a unique use of velvet and matures a clothing item that is often reserved for children. I paired it with fun striped trumpet sleeve shirt I snagged at Primark in the UK (only available in store) and some comfy ballet inspired flats from Target. It’s a 3 piece look that is anything but simple.

Other Great Velvet Items

Here are some other great unexpected velvet pieces that might be fun to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

How to Find Your Own Personal Style

How to Find Your Own Personal Style

For a lot of people describing their style is easy. Gothy. Romantic. Alternative. Urban. Modern. However, I’ve never been able to quickly assign a word to how I dress. It’s simply too all over the map.After much thought, I’ve decided my style has it’s own definer- eclectic. I like taking styles that shouldn’t work together and meshing them into their own voice. I actually enjoy taking a piece that seems “un-me” and as Tim Gunn would say “making it work.” It’s like a colorful fabric puzzle that I get to put together with each look.The key to my eclectic style is curiosity and playfulness. I take items that seem opposite or counter to each other and try making them meld together into my own personal aestetic.  This outfit is a good example of the evolution of my own exploratory fashion perspective.Each piece from this look lends itself to a different aesthetic.  The Eloquii floral print skirt is romantic. The embroidered shirt from BooHoo is a touch of street wear with urban flair. The Eloqui jacket’s sleek cut and voluminous sleeves screams modern. The tasseled earrings, I found from a local street vendor, give a Latin vibe. The Amazon Fashion shoes scream girly. The rings, collected from my travels, give a global feel. However worn together, the style is simply me. When planning this look, I sorted through pieces in my closet. Swapping this skirt for that, trying various cuts for the top, and putting on too many shoes to remember. With each thoughtful tweak the outfit came together and I saw myself reflected in my clothing. There is a quote by Picasso that sums up how I feel about my style journey.

My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.

I developed a love for fashion and I became Glitter + Lazers.People think style is a talent, something you are either good or awful at. However, fashion like any art, is based on practice. The more you play and explore your tastes the more unique and strong your voice will become. For example, my outfit today is simply the result of all the failed outfits before it. Go forth and play. Find your voice.

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How To Wear A Festive Romper and Slay

How To Wear A Festive Romper and Slay

I saw this romper and I needed it. It’s siren call spoke to me and I was seduced by its sparkle. So a sale popped up and I was like come home to mama, rainbow baby. I had to wait forever to get it. That annoyed me. But now that it’s mine? WORTH IT. The totally rainbow fish inspired get up is from Monif C, the boots are from Love Sick and the sass is alllll mine.


The weird thing about this look is that in my mind I never thought I could be standing outside in shorts in 40 degree weather and still feel season appropriate. Somehow, this season, rompers became winter wear. And not only winter wear, festive winter wear. I’ve seen a bevy of cute designs screaming “wear me and drink enough to make out with your coworker you’ve been crushing on all year.” The holiday season is all about crazy romps and well, rompers are for romping.

How to Style A Festive Romper

When wearing a romper, the look can go from demure (say a nice bias cut velvet number) to I’ve had four energy drinks and a bottle vodka (this sequin number). Here’s a few tips to make it work.

  1. For rompers with crazy prints and embellishments, keep the added accessories to a minimum and let the romper have all the fun
  2. When choosing a solid color piece look for interesting fabric that adds a touch of sophistication that can be elevated with metal tone jewelry
  3. Boots and booties are perfect with rompers and can add a little height without the intensity of a full heel
  4. To keep warm, pair a romper with a pair of tights. Choose a solid color for bold prints or go crazy with print worn with a solid color piece.
  5. Think about logistics. Choose a romper you can easily get in an out of after a few cocktails when you friend Ashley is to busy with her new man trophy to help free you

Plus Size Festive Rompers I Love

Here’s a few rompers I found while holiday shopping that would serve you well as a guest star at your holiday party, new years bash, or hot sexy date. Click the images below to shop!

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Adding a Menswear Touch to Your Holiday Outfit

Adding a Menswear Touch to Your Holiday Outfit

I wanted this look to feel like I had just danced the night away and my super attractive living candy of a man had given me his coat to keep me warm. Of course we had coordinated before leaving the hours for festive fun. The matching shoes weren’t coincidental, they were a sign of our deep and passionate relationship and our fascination with the Asian trend of couple dressing.

Creative Problem Solving

But, um, I’m single. So I guess this is almost a fantasy look. I didn’t borrow this jacket. I had to buy it.  At least I can now casually bring it with me to restaurants when I eat alone, throw it over the opposing chair, and constantly refer to my lover in the restroom. “He must have gotten food poisoning.” “Free dessert?”  “Make it two and I think we can forget this ever happened…” Boom. Just call this my sweet blazer, because it raining free creme brulee up in this house.

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5 Tips For Taking a Great Photo

5 Tips For Taking a Great Photo


While I was in Manhattan I had the super honor to meet and hang out with one my favorite internet gals pals, @yourtruelymelly, for the first time.  As part of our big city shenanigans, we did a mini shoot on the roof of my building in midtown Manhattan. Melly was not accustomed to having someone else take her picture, so here are some tips I gave her on how to pose confidently  when you can’t see what the photographer is capturing on the other side of the lens.

Let the Outfit Inspire You


One tip I always give is to think about what type of you the outfit is made for. So for example when wearing a fancy frock, you might feel fierce. When wearing lounge clothes you might feel cool and relaxed. Think about how the outfit makes you feel and try to channel that into how your body moves in front of the camera.

Accentuate Your Assets.

plus-size-modeling-tips-4The easiest way to learn about your body is to begin to think about what you want to accentuate. For example, if I want you to focus on my booty, I am going push that towards the camera more so it’s emphasized in the picture. You can minimize a feature in the opposite way- by pulling it away from the camera. Before shooting think about what focus of the outfit is, and make sure you are emphasizing it and diminishing anything that my distract from that focus.

Take up Space.

plus-size-modeling-tips-3It’s weird as women we’re often encouraged to not take up space, but in photography space is essential. Creating space ads visual interest and often during shoots can create unique interesting perspectives. Dancing can loosen the body allowing you to be more playful in the photos and create natural additions of space.  In general, don’t be afraid of taking up more room in an image; it’s your frame you should own it all.

Find Your Light.

plus-size-modeling-tips-2More often then not, catching the light on your face will produce a more beautiful and complementary photo then your face in the shadow. This simple difference- good lighting versus meh lighting- is often the difference between a camera throw away and one you frame.  Your photographer will often guide you to the light. However,  if you are self- shooting, take time to walk in a 360 degree circle taking selfies. You’ll quickly see the angle with the best light and in time you’ll be able to recognize with out that little trick.

Be You.

plus-size-modeling-tips-6Lastly, the more you allow your own personality to come through in a photo the better it will be. If you focus too much on the nuances, you lose the spirit. And the spirit is what a makes a photo great.


Fur + Fair Isle: A Favorite Sweater Dress Pairing

Fur + Fair Isle: A Favorite Sweater Dress Pairing


Somedays you just want drown your face in a pile of stuffed animals. On those days I wear faux fur.  Then at any time during the day I can sweep my chin against the wafts of plush surrounding my face and feel at ease. I can also reenact 1980s skiing adds ( like down below) whenever it suits me. Look at me I am just having such a fun time at this sky resort, with all my rich friends, in our ski bunny attire and making important calls on our large cell phones.  Thanks for asking.


As a super pear I usually belt my fur vests. This is because I like to have a defined shape and often when wearing a fur vest my waist can get lost in swaddles of plushy fabric. I like a cinch to define my curves. It’s a thing.

A Round of Applause for Wearable Heels


I just want to give a quick shout out to heels that feel like flats. A once inch block heel changed my life.  I love the way heels make my feel, but for real yo I don’t know how any one survives in 3 inch stunners, let alone some of the crazy stilettos I see. I didn’t train to be in the circus. I have not intention to walk on stilts.  I don’t want to paint my face, wear, spandex and entertain you. Wait nope, I actually do want to do that. Just not on stilts.


A block heel makes me feel supported, and the inch height means even if I’m on my feet all day- like Gloria Gaynor- I Will Survive. Plus this red color perfectly mixes the “no place like home” wishes of Dorothy and the footwear that Elvis Costello reminded us only angels can be envious of.  Can I make any more song references in this post?  Well, woomp there it is (shaka laka shaka laka)


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Want to look flawless in fur and sassy in a sweater dress? You can find the items featured in this look in the links below: