Today I did my make up, I gussied up my face and donned my finest selection of berry hues. I was ready to tackle this stupid snow bomb Glitter style. Insert clip of Zoolander faces, neon spandex and sassy wham inspired dance moves. In full sequin Merlot colored sequin pants , a berry cold shoulder sweater, a crimson turtle neck, maroon flats and random sassy accessories from my closet-  I was fighting the weather with  fashion. Slaying the snow with sequins. Destroying this water dust with dapperness. Crushing these crystals with couture.

Sometimes I get these big ideas and when I try execute them, about 50% of the way in I realize they are and absolutely terrible idea. This is a great example of one such idea. Within seconds I had snow mashed into my shoes and pressed against my bare feet, snowflakes was matted to my sweater, my fingers turned a bright rosy pink and I was literally soaked by the time I came in. I was so cold. The photos were, meh. Yes, It was a very dumb idea, but I am not in the least upset I did it. Why? Because roughly 1 out of every 10 ideas we think are dumb are actually game changers.

Game changers are ideas that seem impossible or silly or a waste of time, but actually grow to shape us unexpectedly. Starting my Instagram was once a dumb idea. Who would want to see what I wore every day and listen to whatever mental soundtrack was playing in my brain? What a silly idea. How dumb. But yet here I am 2 and half years later and that one dumb idea I had the guts to take a chance on has completely transformed my life.  Now I worry less about the dumb ideas I wasted time on and more about the ones I didn’t have the guts to try.  I’ll never get the pleasure of knowing where they might have led me.


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