Come Meet me At Modcloth July 22nd!

In case you’ve missed it- tomorrow July 22 form 1-3, I am going to be at Modcloth Austin for a little meet and greet. Its my first ever shindig and I am super nervous no one will come. When I meet people I always tell them the same thing- being popular on the internet doesn’t really feel real. It’s so hard to comprehend that there are real people behind the computer and cellphones screens who I’ve been able to make laugh, smile or love more. So if you’re in Austin stop by and stay hi; let’s be real friends. This Modcloth dress is not horsing around. It’s a linen/ cotton mix and far more comfortable than I expected. These earrings are a $2 holler steal from amazon, as is the faux leather obi belt. The shoes are my favorite flats from Target that are no longer available, but I like this alternative.

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