Recently I headed out on a fun little weekend getaway to San Antonio, Texas. You may not know it, but Amazon called this Texas jewel the “Most Romantic City in the US.” Maybe something I should have researched before heading out on my road trip.  Because of course, I go to the most warm fuzzy, love filled city as a single girl who’s closest love is a bottle of wine and internet shopping.

My Road Warrior Look

For my on the road experience, I kept things comfortable. I like to wear clothes that I can move in. Bonus, if they can hide the inevitable chip dust that gets on everything  as a result of driving and road trip snacking simultaneously. Hence, the patterned shirt. Also if you’re looking for the ultimate road trip bathroom experience, you ought to check out Buccee’s- it’s magical. Yes, I just called a  rest stop magical and it wasn’t a hyperbole. Here what I wore for my “Road Warrior” look.

How To Be A Sassy Sightseer

No visit to San Antonio is complete without a stop at the Alamo, infamous for Davy Crocket’s last stand. While historically it has an impressive history, it’s visually less exciting than I imagined.  I found San Antonio’s lesser celebrated gem- the San Fernando Cathedral- much more architecturally pleasing. Obviously, I’m a sucker for pretty things ,so that might have played into forming my opinion.

Touring around the city the temperatures were around 95 degrees and oh so sunny. Luckily, I had picked these rad shorts and lightweight t-shirt to help me deal. Maybe I should have worn sandals, but I personally appreciate a little extra cushioning for my feet when walking on concrete for long stretches of time. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one type of comfort for another. Here’s what I wore for my “Sassy Sightseer” look

Beat The Heat With A Pool Party

After stomping around historical San Antonio, I didn’t just want pool time, I needed it. Luckily the hotel provided me with a great option to help me chill. However, I secretly wish I had an infinite budget for adventuring because then I would have checked out JW Marriott’s award winning lazy river just outside San Antonio. I have been jokingly telling people this is my dream destination for over a year. However, I’m not sure it’s a joke anymore. What’s better then floating down a perfectly manicured river with an adult beverage in your hand? Here’s the details on my Simply Be bikini: bikini top and bottom.

Making an Entrance

If you want authentic Mexican cuisine, San Antonio is the place to go. You’ll need to step off the riverwalk to fine one of  the best places for fiesta filled foods. Just off the cobble stone tourist filled path is Mi Tierra, a place that claims to have the “best Mexican food,” and actually lives up to it. If you’re determined to dine with views of the river, my recommendation is Biga on The banks. It’ not Mexican, but you can’t always get everything you want.

I like to rock a good jumpsuit out for dinner. It’s comfortable and with so many options on the market these days it’s easy to find one that fits the occasion perfectly. Plus, if you decide to drink and dance it up, you don’t have to worry about flashing anyone. Here’s what I used to create my “Margarita Mama” look.

Rolling Down the Riverwalk

I couldn’t leave San Antonio without a leisurely stroll down the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk  is a pretty magical place with  colored umbrellas dotting the cobble stone roads, water features decorating the paths and lovely landscaping. If you want to explore the Riverwalk by boat, avoid the expensive tour boats and instead use the city’s water taxi for a fraction of the cost.

I chose a muted dress for the river walk because I knew everything would be so colorful- why compete? I love how airy and girly this dress felt. It was perfect piece for my last day of exploring. To recreate this “Ruffled Riverwalk” look, follow the details below.

A big thanks for Simply Be for sponsoring this amazing adventure in fashion. Where should I go next?

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