Today I learned that I am going back to India… tomorrow or Monday. I guess that’s why I wore this billowy wind strewn shirt, because I bought it off of Indian Amazon prime last time I was there. Instead of pimping all over the world- I’m PRIMING all over the world. Is that a dad joke? It just might be. My life as of recent has been intense. Oddly I love it. I think its because I’m an uncanny diva of a duck that thrives in chaos. As a problem solver, lots of things to fix is weirdly comforting. I love a good challenge. I also love a good cupcake… and a good shirtless man… and a good glass of wine.Speaking of challenges… it’s 5 pm and I’m exhausted. It feels like I’ve done everything and nothing all at the same time. I took a 2 hour work call this morning, cleaned my closet, made lunch, took Data for a long walk and bought 85 million pounds of candy for my Desi coworkers at Target.On the other hand, I am not packed, my apartment is a mess, I still haven’t received my visa, and I have about 1,375 videos I should be filming for the YouTube. And yet I find myself typing away at the computer. Why? Because I like what I’m wearing. Funny how that works. In a to do list a mile long, my oasis is sharing this pretty flowy shirt to the world. Simple pleasures indeed.(Jeans old Girlfriend cut from Torrid. Flats and shades from my Target trip today).


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