Snowy day lady bad ass realness. A rebellious printed t-shirt/tunic/ skanky dress looks hip paired with a Nike plus off center zip up hoodie in the oh so of the moment color- mauve. Maurice’s leggings and Nike heeled sneakers ( I like this alternative) complete the look, while¬† the almighty mini bun proclaims to the world…. “I have a snow day and I’m about to do whatever I want with it. Watch me, people, WATCH ME.”

So I have learned a magical thing. When it snows in Portland, it’s not just the schools that are cancelled. Offices shut down. Campuses close. The entire city comes to an eerie grinding halt. The white stuff really freaks people out.

Or does it? While taking these photos I definitely happened upon a woman running in cropped pants. CROPS. IN. THE. SNOW. That means bits of icy terror are splashing menace-fully against her leg as she runs. Portland is weird. This proves it.

Meanwhile, I am suffering. Because I was all like ” I’m so cool… I don’t need no coat. I’ll tough it out.” This is mostly because coats are bulky when packing and I hate having to lug more than I absolutely¬† have to around the airport. But it turns out I was very wrong. I needed a coat. Heck, I needed a scarf, gloves, ninja warmth face mask, hand warmers, waterproofed moon boots, a portable heating pad, and maybe a sexy foreign lover to keep me warm.

Here I sit freezing cold in a world of snow. Regardless of how frigid I get, I will never turn down a good photo opp. Even if that means tackling mounds of snow, gross slush, and the harsh reality that I might lose my left arm to frostbite all for the sake of a good photo. And these photos are pretty darn rad. And thus I am content in my use of this snow day, because I look as cool today as Portland looks white.

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