Why I Am Giving Up Sugar in February

diet tips quitting sugarToday I was in a business meeting and somehow we started talking about cupcakes. Now anyone who knows Glitter personally will attest that I have a cupcake tooth, not a sweet tooth, but a cupcake tooth. I lust after luscious frosting. I crave a tasty cake. I smile at a splattering of sprinkles. Cupcakes=love in the sparkle world of moi. However during today’s meeting I began to be scared by where my mind went. They said ” blah bah blah cupcake” and my brain went into straight up food porn. There in my mind was a tasty tasty cupcake wrapped in a paper liner flirting with me. No no no don’t be naughty and take the liner off….Seriously it might have been more of a turn on for me than the idea of seeing Bradley Cooper shirtless at SoulCyle. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me?

I started to think about my food choices this week. Sure I have stayed within calories, but my choices had gone a bit down hill. I’d nom down a super healthy low calorie, low fat meal chocked full of vegetables and then make up any left over space with sweets. Two big salads and a side of strawberry shortcake. Stir fry with with a slice o’ pie. I have slipped into a sugar slump. I’m a junkie and I can’t get enough. Today after instinctively walking right into the rocky mountain chocolate factory at the airport and ordering a few treats, it hit me. I’m not just indulging in sugar, my body is craving it. I’ve slipped back into a bad habit and I will not let it get back to where it was… two pieces of cake ( and a microphone).



I need to make a change, so I am giving up sugar for February. Here are the rules:

  1. No sugar or health food alternative like agave
  2. No artificial sweeteners
  3. No foods with sugar in the 1st 4 ingredients
  4. Fruits are A-OK, Juices in moderation
  5. Enemy #1 cupcake, no caving!


Sure it’s drastic, but I’m addicted. I need to stop the cravings now. I can figure out moderation later. I think I let the holidays creep a nasty addiction back in. It was a sugar cookie here and there and grew into the “FEED ME SUGARRRRRR” beast. I need to nip it in the butt. I refuse to let something as salacious as sugar get into the way of being the best me. Even though cupcakes are the sexiest treats around, they will never be better than being happy. if I am learned one thing, healthy = happy.

Sure this going to suck and I will likely complain about it (a lot).  I mean who quits sugar during the month of the year that is built around showing you love someone through chocolate, candy, and fancy treats? GOOD THING I’M SINGLE! (typing that in caps either makes me super proud or slightly depressed… still debating.) Hard things are the things that make us strong.  I am strong. I will be stronger. I am powerful. I will make this change. I will be healthier.

Eff you sugar, I am not having any more of your crap up in the temple of moi (for the month of February). Thank you.

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