Habits Over Diet Tips- 76 lbs Down

Glitter and Lazers Diet Tips This week was a little bit of a hot mess. I was traveling for work… and there was BBQ. I was cruelly tricked my the menu at Cheesecake Factory (spoiler: no matter what you order it some how manages to be 1,500 calories). I found myself surrounded by the salacious advances of miniature Reese’s cups, whose sassy tin foil vixen ways I was not able to resist. I was a little naughty. No, I was a lot naughty. And you know what? It felt good to be bad.

diet tips airplate sleepingWhile my inner fat child, lovingly named Bertha, got down and dirty with the devil of delicious,  I was also somehow keeping myself in check. Sure, I gobbled down six Reese’s cups gleefully (I might of full on child squealed at their peanut buttery heavenly taste), but this time it was different. First, I tracked those Reese’s cups. I was not forgetting how many I had eaten. Plus, tracking has the magic ability of making you actually realize how many calories one of those suckers has. Before tracking I could somehow convince myself that 30 miniatures equaled a full size candy bar. It was easy to lie to myself. MyFitnessPal now acts as my cold hard reality check. 6 cups. You only get six cups! Second, once I had reached my cut off I conditioned my coworker to scold me if I grabbed for more. This led to an embarrassing event during the middle of a training we were giving. When my fingers creeped sneakily over to the candy bin… he stopped mid sentence, looked me in the eye, and said a very direct “No!” I now know what a dog feels like after peeing on a carpet. (FYI: knew all the people in the training he was not shaming me in front of strangers. Heck half of them probably will read this!) Lastly, even though each night we arrived at the hotel late and tired after working all day and indulging in foods that some how taste delicious and make you pass out (see photo left as exhibit A)… I still got my big ole butt out of my room to exercise.  I made sure to sweat enough calories to make up for my *cough* little *cough* food fiesta.  The end result? I dropped 2 lbs- putting me at 76 lbs told. That’s another button baby!

tumblr_mgykurEP871rd1zxso1_1280When I start I knew that this time, to be successful at losing weight, I couldn’t be on a diet. I needed to make a lifestyle change. It’s not about doing some crazy diet that restricts what you eat or maximizing you intact to be the most junk food for the least amount of calories (what my friend loving calls gaming the weight watchers points system), it’s about building new habits. Habits aren’t made up of points or weird juice fasts; habits are made by changing what you do everyday and committing to it for the rest of your life. If bad eating is your once and awhile and the all the good things are your habits, well- my dear- that is how you make magic happen. And that is exactly how I lost, and never will find again, these 76 lbs.

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