Weight Loss Hardcore Math Nerd Style

I couldn’t think of any other way to title this post. What you are about to be exposed to is a level or nerd legend that will likely shock and scare some of you. Many of you will see what follows and immediately run from your desk, hands in the air, screaming  “This was supposed to be a light hearted and humorous blog about weight loss. I thought I was safe.Oh what have I done to deserve such torture???” But I warned you with the title. You were forewarned you might see some numbers in action. Brother and sisters of the weight loss interwebs… I present you with MATH!

See I was feeling pretty crappy after a few not so stellar sessions of soulcycling and dealing with a scale that was just not playing nice.  For example, it is not possible I gained 10 lbs in two days by exercising and eating within my daily caloric goal.  That little square piece of plastic is causing me to have trust issues people. I figured I needed something to make me feel better. So I started making a spreadsheet. *GASP* and then i made A PIVOT TABLE. Next thing I knew I was making CHARTS. Then somehow the below happened. And while my dweedom poked through, I don’t care one bit. It helped me put everything in perspective. I’m proud of myself and the numbers show you exactly why. I’ve traveled over 650 miles, over 6 straight days of exercise, and in under 6 months lost 72 pounds of the squishy squishy. Side note: Up until now I thought I was in month 7. Hilariously I am actually 5 days from wrapping up month 6. Behold my Excel + PowerPoint voodoo magic!

my weight loss progress

Just when you were at home feeling secure, I made numbers get all up in your business. See your middle school math teacher was right, math is important (if you read my blog).

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