100 Miles. Move It to Lose It.

Okay Little Chickadees, can you believe I’ve been on the get healthy train for 2 whole weeks? I am shocked and amazed you folks are still putting up with my horrible puns, excessive glitter, and tendency to ramble on using funny words and run on sentences. I am super grateful for each and every one of you.

See the word “grateful” up there? This past week’s Sunday Challenge has made an impression on me. Reminding myself daily of what I’m grateful for has kept me grounded, made me less stressed when things go wrong, and given me something to fight for when I really just want to give up ( which was pretty much every-time I pass McDonald’s. McNuggets, will I ever overcome your cheeky woos?) It also makes me want to fight harder. I went from barely being able to walk to 2.5 miles to being able to clock 7 in a single go ( check the photo for documented proof of awesome). I also dropped another 2.4 lbs! I contribute my success, faith and desire to stay focused on my renewed effort to show gratitude. If you did the Sunday Challenge tell me in the comments below how you did. I am dying to know!!!!

For this week Sunday Challenge I am breaking the rules folks. Please allow me a few moments while I don my leather studded jacket, shave my head into a mohawk, and drastically improve my electric guitar skills.

There. I’m ready now.

There will be no weekly challenge. [**sighs and gasps**] Nay, i say. The weekly challenge is gone and in it’s place? THE MONTHLY CHALLENGE!!!!! {** Booming applause and impromptu dancing**]

When trying out for the Biggest loser in Philly ( I swear someday I will blog more about that whole experience), I met Gail Lee. She was on season 13. Gail had some weird magnetic power over me. It was like she was the pied piper and I was going to follow her into the ocean of weight loss- except minus the whole morbid death part. OK maybe that’s a bad analogy. Whatever the case, I felt massively inspired by Ms. Lee.

Last month Gail was doing a hundred mile challenge on her Facebook page. She encouraged fans to bike, swim, walk, run or whatever for 100 miles in the month of July. What a most excellent idea…except that IĀ  was starting mid July.Ā  Womp. Womp. Obvs, I started to late to take part. GRRR.

Homies, ( Can I call you homies? Are we at that stage in our relationship yet?) I think you know where I am going with this. Wednesday is August 1st. And this week’s Sunday Challenge is to complete Gail’s 100 miles challenge by the end of the month. To make sure I keep my word- err inspire you all, I’ll be posting my miles each day at the bottom of my posts. When I hit 100 miles ( hopefully by the end of August) I’ll be giving away something awesome to one lucky Glitter+Lazer’s reader! So if you’re up for a little hustle during the month of August…game on.

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